Psychotic Breaks

by Lyle Horowitz

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I'd like to dedicate this album to the memory of my friend Joshua Hamilton Scott a.k.a. Menphyel7, who left this earth far too soon. Before I ever picked up a drum machine, Josh helped introduce me to a wide variety of southern hip-hop that would help shape me not only as a listener but also as a musician. Keep in mind this was pre-YouTube, where you have entire anthologies of music from all regions available to you now with just a few clicks of a button. We stayed in contact from then on, chopping it up about whatever new albums were released. Josh was kind, unpretentious, eclectic & knowledgeable. He was one of my favorite people to have rap shop talk with because even though we didn't always agree, he would always approach me with respect and hear me out. I think my music was always a little too dark for him, but on this record I made a concerted effort to have the music reflect my new surroundings. As a result, this is a weird record but not a dark one. I hope you (the listener) have fun listening to it.

Melvin told me this is a good record for quelling anxiety. To quote him directly: "Pretty fucking funny, given the project's title....I'm almost at the end and, the whole time, I've felt this strange sense of calm and order. I feel like each chop is shifting and aligning blocks on a Tetris level into the most efficient positions, and it's making me really happy. This is wild. It's like robots that are mindful of panic and OCD, so they adjust things in real-time to make you feel better. I think you might have to send this to a few therapy centers."

I think he describes it better than I could...

Oh, and since I have a space to explain things...the album title (Psychotic Breaks) is not a reference to any sort of mental health issue or manic episode. I feel compelled to mention that because people are worried about me. I'm okay. Actually, I'm a little better than okay. Psychotic Breaks means something different within the context of this album. Psychotic is a reference to the style of sample chopping I'm doing throughout this album. Breaks is a reference to break-beats, the foundation of every beat I made during these sessions. Together, you have manic and sometimes discordant samples paired with some vintage break-beats.

I've never written liner notes for any of my other albums before, but this is pretty therapeutic. I guess all that's left to do now is thank people? For starters, I'd like to thank Staci, my rock. Throughout the entire process of making this album, she was there to help critique my work and give me feedback as well as contribute to the final product. I'd like to think that waking up to her every morning is part of the reason the music isn't as dark as it used to be. To Mark, who not only helped me select some samples for this project but also helped re-ignite my passion for music. I greatly value your friendship and wisdom. To my partner-in-rhyme, Georgie Q. Lobstas, who always tells me he's done with rap but is usually the first person to get their vocals over to me. We're starting work on the next Blahzé Misfits record as soon as I wrap this one up. I have more fun working with George than pretty much everybody else; a testament to 10+ year friendship, I guess. To my verbose little brother, Melvin -- you keep me inspired to keep creating in spite of all the internal bullshit. To my older brother, Russ -- the bond cannot be broken by our distance from one another. To ComPL3xX, who's contribution to this album suffered some technical difficulties in the 11th hour: your potential is boundless, keep innovating. To Nasa, who I'm blessed to be able to call one of my mentors in this game: thank you for everything. You helped me find an outlet to be heard and that's one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. To Curly Castro, who is just now hopping on one of my beats despite being mutual fans of one another for years -- this collaboration is long overdue. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future. To Andrew, who probably has more beats from me than anyone else: thank you for the gear. It helped me create this album. You should probably drop "DAY2DAY" before we're both eligible for the senior citizen discount at the movies. To Robert, a friend who's saved my ass on more than one occasion, always going above & beyond to help support my art and share it with the world. To my friends, family and rap peers who I failed to mention in the (TL;DR) paragraph above: thank you. You guys are always on my mind.

So that about wraps things up for me. Enjoy the record. Share it with a friend. Upload a song on YouTube with an extremely pixelated background image I wouldn't approve of. Burn it on CD and sell it at your local swap meet without my permission. It's not my record anymore, it's yours. Take care of it.




released April 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Lyle Horowitz Los Angeles, California

Lyle Horowitz is an American filmmaker, designer and musician. For all inquires, contact: 5846films [at] gmail [dot] com

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